The XeroMem IRC Network has been working hard to achieve a huge goal.  Today we’ve launched our updated Website, with real-time statistics, as well as upgraded our IRC Network Software.  More details are outlined below on both aspects of the changes. Website Updates We’ve been working in the background to […]

Network Updates / News

The XeroMem IRC Network is pleased to announce the completion of upgrades to the network software packages.  At this time, we’ve updated to UnrealIRCd v and Anope 2.0.2.  The changes that come with these updates are more on the back-end side and are less visible to our end user. […]

Network Upgrades Completed

XeroMem is working, over the course of the next two weeks, on upgrading software packages that operate the network.  We’re upgrading Services from Anope 2.0.1 to Anope 2.0.1, upgrading UnrealIRCd from to, and working on improvements to our website! We hope the changes we’re performing improve overall network […]

Network Upgrades