Taking the Xero out of your Memory since 2009…


Who We Are

The History of XeroMem

The XeroMem IRC Network. Xeroing your Memory since 2009!

XeroMem was formed from multiple smaller IRC Networks in 2009.  We merged Maximum-IRC, HookedOn-IRC, Vapors, and other networks, all to form XeroMem.  Our goal was to increase stability, merge our user base, and improve overall access for our visitors.  We were able to achieve this quickly.

More information about the network is available via the About Us page.

Network Statstics

Real-Time Information

Our Staff has been working hard to improve our real-time information gathering methods.  We can now show visitors on our site real-time statistics about the network, including Linked Servers, Online IRC Operators, and Total User counts.  We've also integrated our Channel Statistics features directly into our site with real-time updates and information!  Take a look around and enjoy!