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Acceptable Use Policy


We’ve established these basic rules for users while utilizing The XeroMem IRC Network.

  • Absolutely *NO* Child Pornography Of Any Kind!
  • Absolutely *NO* Animal Pornography Of Any Kind!
  • Absolutely *NO* Mass Advertising Of Our Users/Clients!
  • Absolutely *NO* Mass Spamming Of Our Users/Clients!
  • Absolutely *NO* Packeting Of Our Users/Clients!
  • Absolutely *NO* Flooding Of Our Users/Clients!
  • Absolutely *NO* Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks Of Our Users/Clients!
  • Absolutely *NO* War Bot(s) Of Any Kind!
  • Absolutely *NO* Bottler Clients Of Any Kind
  • This server is *NOT* to be used for any Commercial/Illegal Purpose(s) of any format.


The XeroMem IRC Network has a simple policy for friendly/non-abusive bots.  They are permitted on the network, but they are not supported by the network.  If you encounter an issue with a non-abusive bot, please take that issue to the channel owner, not the Network Administration.

We consider the following types of bots abusive.  As such, they are not welcome on this network:

  • Bottler
  • bLotter
  • Irc-Ork
  • Avarice
  • Xdcc Catchers
  • AutoXDCC
  • EasyXdcc