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Channel Topic
#Abuse Welcome to XeroMem #Abuse | www.XeroMem.com | Report abusive users and/or staff in here.
#bookz 72Welcome to #bookz ~ The fountain of Knowledge! |52 @search @seek @find !seen 53 Stay polite! |
#chewyb_13 Chewy's Hangout Room, Feel free to the be in here ~ Almost anything can be talked about in here ~ My Personal Discord - https://discord.gg/0kRciQPW23Axglcb ~ ~chewyb_13
#DragonsDen This is Chat Central! Get Your World Wide Coverage of Covid! (Seriously folks help me set a topic for #DragonsDen !)
#ec Welcome to the Executive Channel. We executive the hell out of this bitch.
#eggdrops 49Ryu's Private Eggdrop Channel60 ~~ 72Stay Out Unless Invited!
#facebook 76Post Yer Facebook Links In Here That You Want To Share! 94-44Many Thanks To All Whom Share Facebook Links!
#hellsrisingsun https://hellsrisingsun.webs.com Wanna use javachat go here https://hellsrisingsun.webs.com/javachat.htm (Rob) (Rob) (Robz) (Robz)
#Help Welcome to XeroMem #Help | www.XeroMem.com | Ask your question in the channel and we'll answer you as soon as possible.
#IdleRPG Welcome to IdleRPG | The IdleRPG Game | https://www.xeormem.com | https://idlerpg.xeromem.com
#Kline Welcome to Kline | https://www.xeormem.com | Banned Users may e-mail kline@xeromem.com for assistance.
#pirates 11,31,41,51,61,71,81,91,108,1 Pirates Game! 🕱 Welcome aboard Rising Sun, Season 25, Mod: Brotherhood o' the Wolf! 🕱 Join wit' !Pirates 🕱 Chat = doubloons! 🕱 11http://piratesirc.com 1,101,91,81,71,61,511,41,3
#Ranting-101 72Where the Elite go to Rant!
#Robz #robz Welcome To #Robz (Rob) (Rob) (Rob) (Rob)
#Routing Welcome to #Routing | Link Application: https://www.xeromem.com/network/servers/link-application/
#vhost Welcome to #Vhost | https://www.xeormem.com | Request your Vhost here
#Virt-Host Virtual Hosting Company - www.Virt-Host.Com
#X-Staff Services Database Corruption - Completely Lost

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