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Channel Statistics

Below are a list of channels that have turned Channel Statistics on. To view details on each channel, simply click on the Channel Name. After clicking, a drop down section will appear with the various details of the channel, as well as a table indicating when the most active times are.

Channel Topic
#bookz 12-/0,12`/¸2,12`/`12,2`\¸1,2`\2,1`\¸ 4 10s of thousands 4of ebookz Use @search ! 2,1`/1,2/¸12,2`/`2,12`\¸0,12`\12`\-
#DR-DevTeam 12····«15(04 Private Scripting Channel For DragonRyder v13.515)12»···· 14I Need Opinions On DragonRyder v13.5 - Rebirth - Leave Messages In The Channel
#DragonsDen 9Welcome 13to 4#dragonsden! 11Come13 in and 12chat 3or 7join 4#pirates 6to 10play 13the 9game! 72All !searches should be done in #ztv - join now!!!
#hellsrisingsun Welcome To #hellsrisingsun Please Check Out Our Website At https://hellsrisingsun.webs.com/
#pirates 0,8|0,8|8,7|4,7|7,4|5,4|4,5|1,5|5,1|9,1 Pirates Game! - Welcome aboard Rising Sun, Season 16, Mod: Brotherhood o' the Wolf! - Join wit' !Pirates - 8Happy Rob the Captain - Chat = doubloons! - 11www.piratesirc.com 5,1|1,5|4,5|5,4|7,4|4,7|8,7|0,8|8,0|
#Ranting-101 72Ranting-101
#vapors Tin Foil Hat Convention! 09CAUTION 06(08#06)(08V06)(08A06)(08P06)(08O06)(08R06)(08S06)..WHeRe THe VaP(e)RS CoMe To TaLK!! 04CAUTION12 WWW.VaPeRSFoRuM.CoM
#ZTV Xeromem XDCC Pack Announcement Channel  ~ ~ 9Idle Here To Check Out The Newest Releases ~ ~ 11use !s file to search 4Notice: Ztv bots are moving to all 4k movies and 1080 moviepacks due to a lack of demand.7 TV series bot will remain as long as i have space - they will be deleted when needed for space - Some have already have been removed -

To enable Channel Statistics on your channel, type /msg ChanServ SET CHANSTATS <#channel> ON