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#IdleRPG Database Reset

We’ve made changes to our #IdleRPG Game.  Our User Database was wiped, all quests reset, and the map database reloaded.  This means we’re starting fresh!  Make sure to /join #IdleRPG today, sign up or sign in to your account, and start playing along.

For those who have never played IdleRPG before, here’s a quick rundown of what it’s about…

IdleRPG is a new breed of Roleplaying in and of itself.  Unlike other Role Playing Games, where you interact with your character and others, the goal of IdleRPG is to sit and idle.  The longer your client idles, the more experience points you’ll gain, and your levels will increase.  Quitting, parting, talking, etc., is forbidden in the game.  These activities generate penalties.

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